Paintings by the Water...

Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands...for over 25 years, ever since my first encounter with the North,  I have been haunted by a vision and a longing to capture the rugged yet delicate beauty of this place. Beginning with illustrated nature journals, I began to use my art as a meditative tool to connect deeply with its Spirit, immersing myself (sometimes quite literally) in the process.  One day, while painting on the beach, I dipped out a jar of water and realized that this was some of the most precious, pure, and powerful water on earth…water that so many people worked to preserve and protect for future generations. So I asked…what could an artist possibly do? I had a mission. I set my inner compass for due North and eventually landed on Madeline Island, the largest and only populated island in the Apostle Islands archipelago .

I began to paint with the water from each place, deliberately letting it flow, forming waves, landforms, clouds and skies. It was my way of communing, and ultimately my way of communicating with others. I was already an accomplished artist; my work was reliably precise, technically beautiful, and very controlled…yet in these paintings something happened. There was an element of unpredictability. Some of them had a feeling I can only attribute to the properties of the water. I merely held the brush.

I would like to think that by viewing these images, the water will speak to you too.